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What is clous?

clous GmbH is a spin-off of Fraunhofer IPK located in Berlin, founded in 2019 by Claas Blume and Thomas Vorsatz out of research. With the mix of in-house algorithms and a hand-selected workforce, clous manages to automate processes that were considered impossible to automate. This unique leap in innovation makes clous a pioneer in mechanical design and a leader in innovation in the field. Clous has made it possible to fully automate the process of transferring manufacturing information (PMI) using algorithms. With the help of this innovative solution, companies obtain an average saving of 2,003 hours in engineering per year, resulting in a cost saving of over 187,000€. Ultimately, these savings result in an 8% increase in efficiency. In addition, we offer our solution in a pay-per-use model. This means that there are no maintenance costs or setup costs for companies. If you choose clous, you can start using our solution from the moment you book it. 

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Founding history

Claas Blume and Thomas Vorsatz have enormous expertise in the field as mechanical engineers and have worked in the profession as scientists at Fraunhofer IPK for a long time. During their time in the profession, they repeatedly came into contact with manual and repetitive tasks that were very time-consuming and tiring. These tasks too often diverted their focus from solving challenging, engineering tasks. They could not understand that there was no solution to automate or otherwise solve these tasks. While searching for such a product, they noticed a gap in the market, started research at Fraunhofer IPK and created their own solution.

Our values

Accomplishment - Sustainability - Respectful treatment

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