What are we doing?

For whom interesting

  • High volume
  • High manual and repetitive effort
  • Cost and time intensive processes
  • Internally different file formats
  • Internally different file formats

5 levels of automation



A specific process is assigned to our workforce. With the help of Knowledge-Based-Engineering they are empowered to make faster and better decisions. The algorithms only assist at this stage and the level of automation is around 20%.

Group 2113
Group 2114

Partially automated

At this level, our Workforce is provided with automation to ensure that they can work even faster and more efficiently. The Workforce monitors and controls tasks, with the system making decisions in specific situations. The level of automation is just under 40%.


Highly automated

This stage is highly automated, which means that in 60-80% of cases can be carried out by our automation without any problems. In individual cases, decisions have to be made or designs have to be completed. For this, the system involves the workforce so that the decisions can be made or the construction can be completed.  

Group 2115
Group 2116

Fully automated

Up to 95% of cases are handled by the system. Only in single edge cases support of the workforce is needed. However, it can also be engineers:inside your company. 



In this stage, 100% of the cases are checked by our automation. This allows us to provide you with the best and fastest results.

Group 2117


  • Pay-per-use model

  • No setup or maintenance costs

  • Usage from the moment the contract is signed
  • Contracts for the number of times a process is run

  • Contracts over the term of one year
HubSpot Video

Cooperation of CeramTec with clous and AUCTA

CeramTec launches own online configurator with clous' technology: CeramCreator

"Manufacturing companies operate in a market environment that is changing ever faster and becoming more complex. We have to deal constructively with the resulting dynamics in order to be able to develop future-oriented offers and services," explains Dr. Hadi Saleh, CEO of the CeramTec Group.


Cooperation of G.W.P. AG with clous

clous supports G.W.P. AG Manufacturing Services in the field of feasibility study and calculation

G.W.P. AG stands for a diversified portfolio. Components, assemblies and housings made of metal and plastic, design and development, prototype construction and tool-intensive series production are part of the offer.


Successful pilot of Meissner AG with clous

Meissner AG confirms fast training and quick design results with clous

The established tool making company from Middle Hesse subjected the solution of clous to a successful user test in April 2020. All surveyed designers confirmed the easy handling of clous.Engine and signaled a clear willingness to use the solution more often.


clous researches together with Fraunhofer IPK

High-Level-Language and Software for ML-supported Planning of M-CAD-Contructions

Within the framework of ProFIT project financing, we are developing a solution that will enable our customers to describe design tasks in such a way that they can be satisfactorily solved by engineers all over the world.